Wiki RulesEdit

  1. No inappropriate/explicit material.
  2. Do not delete information unless you know it is truly false.
  3. Do not write false or inappropriate information on a page.
  4. Do not make a page that is irrelevant to the wiki's subject.
  5. Do not create a page with false information for it will be deleted.
  6. No cyber-bullying other users.
  7. No spamming on chat or pages.
  8. Do not delete pages unless necessary.
  9. Do not make unnecessary edits.
  10. Do not troll or vandalize.
  11. Do not remove content because you dislike a topic.
  12. Do not add information that does not match the page's topic.
  13. No adding unnecessary categories or adding duplicate pages
  14. Adding duplicate pages will also get you blocked!
  15. Do not remove templates from pages.
  16. Do not create multiple accounts.
  17. No irrelevant comments
  18. Do not give out personal information
  19. Do not offend other users.
  20. Do not say anything disturbing or scary
  21. Accept the opinions of others

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